Beginners: For students new to fight training and martial arts.

Learn the signature moves of different popular Kung Fu styles and how to apply them to a 10-15 move choreography sequence.

Each month student will learn a 10-15 move choreography sequence and the signature moves of 3-5 different Kung Fu styles with the goal of filming the fight scene and portraying “mastery” of each style. Styles include:

  • Fast Striking:   Western Boxing, MMA (focus on strikes, take downs and ground/pound), Muay Thai, Lightning fist, Jet Kwan Do, Sonda (kung fu kick boxing/riot police)
  • Power Striking:   Karate, Bagi, Xing yi, Southern fist, Black tiger
  • Kicking:   Tei kawn do, Crane, Sivot, Capoeira
  • Reach:   Long fist, Pigua, Tongbei
  • Flow Boxing:   Bagua, Ninjitsu, Tai chi, Drunken
  • Tricks and Trapping:   (Monk) Shadow boxing, Hand cuff boxing, Eagle claw, Mantis, Chin nah (Joint locks)


Intermediate: For students looking to improve their skills and update their action reel.

In addition to a 15-20 move choreography sequence and 3-5 Kung Fu styles, students will work on camera awareness.

Intermediate students will learn the beginner’s curriculum while adding choreography moves each week and applying Kung Fu styles for a 15-20 move sequence. Each class will also include drills on camera awareness, spacing, and timing as well as the “Denbeigh Alphabet,” which assigns common 3-4 move sequences to each letter in order to create pseudo-improvised choreography in a safe and controlled environment.


Advanced: For students with advanced skill in martial arts and fight choreography

Advanced students will have the weekly goal of learning 5 fight scenes with over 15 moves each while incorporating the focused styles and improvising moves within the fight. For martial artists with ring fighting experience, to learn control and safe fighting for other actors on camera.

Each week, advanced students will be challenged to learn up to 5 fight scenes with over 15 moves each. In addition to portraying mastery of the focused styles, advanced students will learn how to improvise moves within the fight scene. At the end of the year, students should have a ready-to-film fight scene of over 300 moves.